First steps to get your RaSmatin running!

Things you need

First you should think about the things you are going to need. RaSmatin communicates over the USB-Port with any computer system. We recommend using a Raspberry PI to control RaSmatin because it is a powerfull system packed into a small device. The following description is based on an installation of an Raspberry PI using the Raspbian Jessie Lite distribution. (see: Raspian) The RaSmatin software can be installed without having the RaSmatin hardware. Plan your project, evaluate the number of in- and outputs you need and get the modules, sensors, cables,...

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Set up the Raspberry

Install a Raspian distribution following the instructions on the Raspberry home page. The following script looks for the installed software packages and adds the modules that are needed. The whole RaSmatin needs four external software packages to run. MySQL, PHP, Apache and Python 3.4.

The easiest way to install all necessary software packages is to execute the following script.

if [ $EUID != 0 ]; then
    sudo "$0" "$@"
    exit $?
apt-get dist-upgrade -y
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade -y
apt-get install -y php5 apache2 mysql-server php5-mysql python3.4 python3-pip

You can download this script in our Download Section or directly here.

To execute this script you might have to change the permissions.

Download and start installation script by entering following commands:

wget "" -O
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

If MySQL is not installed yet, the installation will ask you for the new password of the MYSQL root user.

Install RaSmatinServer

The RaSmatinServer is the communication process between Raspberry and RaSmatin main module. The Python script is based on version Python3.4.

The following installation script installs all needed Python modules and assigns the MYSQL database.

Download the RaSmatinServer and unzip the downloaded file. Change into the extracted directory and run the script. Let it work and follow all instructions.

wget "" -O
sudo unzip
cd RaSmatinServer
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

Enter hostname where the MYSQL DB is running.
Host: localhost (if MYSQL is on the same computer)
Username: root (or another user)
Password: [your_password]
Database: RaSmatin

Install RaSmatinWeb

RasmatinWEB is the web site to control the RaSmatinServer, upload a program for the RaSmatin module and visualize the data.

Download RaSmatinWeb and unzip the downloaded file to your webserver folder (normally /var/www/). Change into the extracted directory and run the script. Let it finish. Now visit [hostname]:8764 in your browser and follow the process. If you don't have a configuration yet just press the skip button.

wget "" -O
sudo mv /var/www/
cd  /var/www
sudo unzip
cd RaSmatinWeb
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./
Open the new installed webpage to finish the installation: http://[ip_or_raspberryname]:8764

Enter MYSQL login informations and database the RaSmatinServer should use.

RaSmatinWeb MYSQL Setup

Create an user for RaSmatinServer administration and configuration.

Create RaSmatinWeb Admin User

Upload a project or skip this step if you like to do that later.

Upload Project or skip

Delete installation scripts and go to Web login.

Delete installation scripts

Install RaSmatinConfig

Download RaSmatinConfig and run the setup file on a windows pc. RaSmatinConfig needs the .NET Framework 4.6. the installer will download it if nessecary. Visit RaSmatinConfig to see an example walk-through.

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