FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the different variable types?
    • Boolean: Variable which is TRUE or FALSE
    • Double: Variable which is a number with decimals: e.g. 1234.5678
    • Integer (Int32): Variable which is a number without decimals: e.g. 1234
    • String: Variable which is a Text: e.g. "The is an example Text.".
    • DateTime: Variable which is a DateTime: e.g. 2016-10-05 14:00
    • Time: Variable which is a Time: e.g. 12:00
  2. What's the difference between private-variables and user-variables?

    The end-user has no influence to private-variables. He cannot change them and he doesn't know which private variables exist or which values they have. User-variables are displayed on the homepage. The end-user can read their values and if they are not read-only he also can change them.

  3. What does ReadOnly mean?

    If a variable is ReadOnly it cannot be set to an output. That means it's like an input.

  4. Where do I have to place my custom elements?
    <Installation Dir>/CustomElements
  5. Why does the language not change?
    To change the language you have to restart the program.
  6. Why can't I simulate my project?
    Take a look at the error box. Probably an output is used too often.
  7. Why can't I simulate online?
    Did you attach the MainModule? Are all serial-divers installed?
  8. What does force mean?
    The calculation cycle does not change this value. It's visualized by a rectangle round the input name
  9. How can I add plugs to an element?
    A right-click on the element opens the context-menu. Select Add Inputs/Outputs if available.
  10. Can I change the type of a plug of an element?
    You cannot. Delete the element and create a new one.

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